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A humble tribute to the 'Made In INDIA' initiative

A company started in 1927, as a alternate choice to the people, with a Swadeshi fervor .... Read more

About M.Y.A.G Bhaiji & Co.

A company started in 1927, as a alternate choice to the people, with a Swadeshi fervor ....A humble tribute to the 'Made In INDIA' initiative

Our Mission: To make a ethnic Indian drink with a international taste, affordable, and wholly owned by Indians.

The Founding Father

In 1927, an Indian gentleman, Abdul Gafoor Bhaiji, started a small soft drink manufacturing and selling business, selling flavored carbonated drinks to locals in Uran, at a very affordable price and appetizing taste. A desktop Codd soda making machine was used to manufacture 'Goli' Soda. It was a contraption where you load three bottles of Codd bottles and shut the hinged door shut and rotate the handle to fill the bottles and the a glass marble used to stopper the bottle.

His son Mohd. Yusuf Bhaiji, joined his father in the business and expanded the business exponentially. With technology advancement, he introduced advanced machinery of those era, and improved the manufacturing process and product quality He was a industrialist and a great visionary, who along with this business started manufacturing units of allied products like salt and ice factories.

Mohd. Yusuf Bhaiji's sons, 1) Abdul Malik, Mohd Irfan, Abdul Rehman and Abdul Gafoor, joined there father in his business to further it and make it a household name. After the demise of Abdul Malik and Mohd Irfan, Shaunaiz and Mohd. Adeeb Irfan Bhaiji inherited the business and the business is since scaled up into new regions and territories. New advanced machinery and processes have been added since then to cater to the growth demand

Images of some of the machines used in the past, are displayed as a tribute to the inventors and the users.

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Product List

Aerated Drinks: Cola, Lemon, Ice cream Soda, Jeera, Orange.

Sharbats: Saffron, Shahi Gulab, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Jeera, Anaar, Shikanjabeen


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