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Carbonated Drinks


From the all time favorite Cola flavor to the rustic Icecream Soda, zingy Jeera to tangy Lemonade, citrus Orange to spicy Ginger ale, a bouquet of flavors to play riot on your taste buds.

An invitation to let you palates go wild. Let it be the post lunch swig of Jeera as a appetizer, a Cola for the late night party, or to indulge your sweet tooth with an Orange, not to mention the various ice cream floats. Any time you feel like, we have the flavor for you. The ethnic taste of our soft drinks will delightfully make you savor its native heritage.

Infused Syrups


Infused Syrups, made from pure sugar syrups infused with natural elements like rose petals or saffron threads. One can make a healthy milk drink or a cooling 'Sharbat' to get a instant charge of sugar energy.

Our range of syrups are prepared using the best ingredients and 100% sugar. No saccharine or artificial sweeteners are added. Great care is taken in the preparation to maintain the natural essence and properties of the ingredients.

Our syrups,since they contain no artificial sweeteners, can be safely used in food preparation like Kheer, Sheera, curd or any other dishes.

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Product List

Aerated Drinks: Cola, Lemon, Ice cream Soda, Jeera, Orange.

Sharbats: Saffron, Shahi Gulab, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Jeera, Anaar, Shikanjabeen


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